Q: Isn’t the whole concept of creating a Christian state in the Middle East extremely far-fetched?

A: Any political project with a grand vision will seem improbable, if not impossible, at the outset. But, as the Zionists have shown with their successful realization of a Middle East home for the Jewish people, determination can overcome seemingly impossible odds. If twelve million Jews could create a state for themselves out of the ashes of the Holocaust, and without the modern organizing forces of today’s technology, then a faith with over two billion adherents can do so today, when the Internet offers unprecedented power to communicate about and unite around a cause.

Q: Are you against Muslims or Islam?

A: No. This site is NOT for bashing Muslims or expressing Islamophobic views. However, given the threat that ISIS and other Islamist groups pose to Mideast Christians, the site welcomes and shares accurate and documented information about Islamist attacks on and threats to Christians. But such information should in no way be presented in a hateful manner that implies that all Muslims support such behavior. In fact, there are powerful voices of reform within the Muslim community who should be recognized and supported.

Q: Are you a non-profit organization?

A: No. Right now this just a petition and gathering point for like-minded individuals to meet and discuss ways to advance the goal of creating a Mideast Christian state.

Q: What will you do with the petition?

A: Once it reaches certain milestones (e.g., 100,000 signatures), it will be widely publicized in a press release that hopefully attracts additional media coverage. It will eventually also be presented to Congress, the European Union, and world bodies like the United Nations, although how and when this will be done is an open question to be discussed by members active in the effort to promote the petition.

Q: How can I help?

A: The most important thing you can do is to share the petition with your friends, relatives, work colleagues, members of your house of worship, etc.  The petition helps to spread awareness about the plight of Mideast Christians while moving public opinion towards the idea that a Mideast Christian state is a just cause that merits support. If you want to become even more involved in this effort, please register for the forum and introduce yourself, with a brief summary of what you can contribute.

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